3” T


Multistage centrifugal submersible pumps, for 3″ wells, especially suitable for lifting and distribution systems.
Water systems, for domestic and industrial use, in continuous or intermittent service. Pressurization systems. Irrigation systems.

Construction characteristics
Motor coupling flange and delivery body made of brass. Built-in check valve.
PPO impellers and diffusers and self-lubricating polyacetal diffusers. Sleeve, pump shaft, coupling, casing cover, suction grid and screws made of stainless steel. Max pump Ø 74 mm.

The electric motor, conforming to NEMA standards, is 2-pole, single-phase or 3-phase, and bathed in nontoxic coolant.

Single-phase voltage: 230-240 V. 50 Hz.

Three-phase voltage: 400 V. 50 Hz.

Completely watertight, class F insulation, IP 68 degree of potection.