Multistage submersible electric pumps with integrated electronics, equipped with pressure regulator and check valve. Developed to automate the startup and shutdown of the pump according to the user’s demand for water and to avoid operation in the absence of liquid. It finds ideal use in rainwater recovery systems, irrigation networks, pumping clean water from tanks, cisterns, wells and for other applications requiring high pressure. Anti-lock valve system. Designed for conveying clean water at temperatures not exceeding 35°C. Max number of starts now 40. Available with or without float.

– Automatic start and stop based on water demand from utilities. Restart pressure 1.5 bar for Acuafluss 30 version; 2.5 bar for other versions;
– Water absence detection system. In case of liquid shortage, the pump will stop, it will make additional No.4 attempts to turn on at regular intervals of 15min in the first hour of operation. Additional startup attempts every hour for the next 48h;
– Valve jam detection function, in which case the control electronics will send the pump into lockout;
– Function to recognize the number of hourly departures;
– For proper operation, install an expansion tank of capacity at least 3lt in the discharge circuit.

Pump body, motor housing, handle, suction grid made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Impellers, diffusers, separators made of glass-filled PPO, each stage is complete with stainless steel wear ring. AISI 420 stainless steel drive shaft. Lubricated alumina-graphite mechanical seal. NBR seals. Supplied with 20 m of H07RN8F cable.

Single-phase asynchronous 230V. 50 HZ.
Other voltages and frequencies on request. Insulation class F, IP 68. Non-polluting food-use mineral oil bath internal cooling. External cooling by pumped liquid. Built-in thermal protection.