Multi-stage submersible electric pumps with closed radial impellers designed to solve all clean water conveying problems with temperatures not exceeding 35°C. Max sand content 60 gr/m. Max number of starts now 40. Especially suitable for irrigation, pressurization systems, general industrial and civil uses, and rainwater recovery. Suitable for continuous use. Vertical and horizontal operation.

Construction characteristics
In AC, 1 and 2AL versions, no external cooling for mini version. Made of the highest quality stainless materials subjected to strict electrical and hydraulic inspections. The type of construction allows operation with minimal water level. Extreme ease of repair. Manual or automatic operation with adjustable float switch. In the single-phase version, the capacitor is inserted inside the pump. 1 – 2 AL watertight.

Pump body, motor housing, handle, suction grid made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Impellers, diffusers, separators made of glass-filled PPO, each stage is complete with stainless steel wear ring. AISI 420 stainless steel drive shaft. Alumina-graphite mechanical seal. On request in SILICON CARBIDE. Special lip seal for sand protection. NBR seals. Supplied with 20 m of H07RN8F cable, Mini version supplied with 10 m of cable.

Single-phase asynchronous 230V. 50 HZ or three-phase 400V. 50 HZ. Other voltages and frequencies on request. Insulation class F, IP 68. Non-polluting food-use mineral oil bath internal cooling. External cooling by pumped liquid. Built-in thermal protection. Three-phase version protection by user.