SAL 45


These peripheral electric pumps, with a relatively small motor, can achieve high pressure. Due to their small size, they are particularly suitable for placement in apparatus and machines for increasing pressure, cooling temperatures. Easily inspected with the possibility of repairing the pump and motor separately. The pumping part can be rotated 90° in 90°.

In the SAL 35 Self-priming version this operation is not possible. They can be used for clean water, chemically nonabrasive liquids and no solids. They are suitable for continuous duty operation (ED 100%). Maximum number of interventions 5/min. or 40/h. Operating temperature -20° C +60° C.

– Impeller, pump body, brass flange
– AISI 420 stainless steel shaft (x30 Cr 12)
– PTFE – ALLUMINE – EPDM Mechanical Seal
– (VITON on request)
– Top quality bearings
– Brass hose barb on request

With connection box and capacitor mounted.
The position of the vents can rotate 90° in 90°.
MOD. MEC: with MEC 56 plastic fan and fan cover.
MOD. FAN: with fan-holder hub and fixture screws; optional aluminum fan type pressing or suction, Ø 154 mm, Ø 166 mm, Ø 172 mm, Ø 200 mm.

– 2-pole induction
– Available in various voltages and frequencies
– Insulation class F
– IP 44 protection